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Could you point out Tokyo or Taipei on a map without breaking a sweat? Know the locations of major world cities like Milan, Miami or Macau? Prove your knowledge of world geography with this quiz on the locations of the world's most famous cities!

No matter where you live, you probably know a surprising amount about many of the world's largest cities. Anyone who keeps up with the latest movies could probably pick out the New York City skyline from a series of images, for example. Most people know that the Eiffel Towers soars above the city of Paris, or that South Beach draws the crowds to Miami. You probably learned in history class that gladiators fought at the Colosseum in Rome, or that Istanbul has served as the dividing point between the eastern and western worlds for centuries. 

Maybe you know that Florence was a key city in the Renaissance, or that Milan serves as a world fashion capital. And it's tough to find anyone that doesn't associate Las Vegas with its legendary casino resorts. 

But despite all you probably know about these iconic cities, you might find it harder to figure out where they're located. Think you can pick all these cities out on a map? Take our quiz to find out!

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. That means it's technically a part of China, but has its own political and economic systems. It has a population of 7.5 million, and one of the highest per-capita incomes of any city in the world.

Located in southern Thailand, Bangkok is home to eight million people. The 50 districts that make up this Thai capital city are divided by the Chao Phraya River.

London is the capital of both England and the United Kingdom. This city of nine million people straddles the Thames River, and is home to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Parliament buildings.

One of the most populous cities in the U.S., New York City is home to 8.5 million people. It's divided into five boroughs and is considered one of the leading cities in the world for finance,

The capital of Malaysia and also its largest city, Kuala Lumpur is home to 1.7 million people. It is home to the Petronas Towers, a pair of 1,500-foot structures that were the tallest buildings in the world at the start of the 21st century.

Situated on the Sea of Marmara, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. It is home to 15 million residents and once went by the name of Constantinople.

Located on the Persian Gulf in the UAE, Dubai is known for its massive skyscrapers and artificial islands. One of its tallest and most famous buildings is the Burj Khalifa, which soars 163 stories over the city.

Home to three million people, Rome is the capital of Italy. It is home to such famous locales as Vatican City, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon.

With an urban population of more than five million , Miami is a bustling city in southeast Florida. Famous for its beaches and its Art Deco downtown area, it's also a major financial and business center.

Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic. Situated on the Vltava River, it is home to 1.3 million residents, as well as sites like Prague Castle and the Old Town Square.

Singapore sits just one degree north of the equator and is home to more than five million residents. This city of 63 islands is separated from Malaysia by the Johore Strait.

Located along the Seine River, Paris is home to more than twp million people. Millions more flock to the city each year to see sites like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

Like Hong Kong, Macau is a special administrative region of China and has its own political system. This resort city on the Pearl River is a huge gambling mecca, similar to Las Vegas.

Seoul is both the capital and largest city in South Korea. Founded along the Han River in 18 BC, the city played host to the 1988 Summer Olympics.

One of the oldest cities in Thailand, Phuket is located on the country's southwest coast. The area is so famous for its beach resorts that it has become a tourist haven.

Situated on the Tamsui River, Taipei is the capital of Taiwan. The city is home to a structure known as Taipei 101, which ranks among the tallest buildings in the world.

The city of Shanghai sits along the East China Sea. Home to 24 million people, it's known for the historic buildings along The Bund (waterfront), as well as the skyscrapers on Lujiazui.

Las Vegas sits at the very southern tip of Nevada in the western U.S. Though the city has only around half a million residents, millions of tourists visit each year to stay and play in the casinos and resorts along the Strip.

Milan is Italy's second most populous city, after Rome, with 1.4 million residents. It's known as a global fashion capital, as well as the home of soccer team A.C. Milan.

Situated near the Balearic Sea, Barcelona is home to 1.6 million residents. One of the city's most famous sites in La Sagrada Familia - a medieval cathedral that has been under construction since the 1880s.

With 12.2 million residents, Moscow is the most populous Russian city, as well as the nation's capital. The city is famous for sites like Red Square, the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral.

Amsterdam is the official capital city of the Netherlands, though the political capital of the country is located at the Hague. Once a small fishing village, Amsterdam today is a major city known for its canals and historic buildings.

With 1.8 million residents, Vienna is Austria's capital and largest city. Known as the City of Music, it has served as home to such composers as Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Strauss over the years.

Venice consists of more than 100 islands connected by canals and bridges. It is known for sites like the Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, and Saint Mark's Basilica.

The second most populous city in the U.S., Los Angeles is home to around four million residents. Surrounded by mountains and positioned along the Pacific Ocean, it serves as the center of the American film industry.

More than ten million people call Lima, Peru, home. Located along the Pacific Ocean in South America, Lima is known for its colonial architecture, and is the site of one of the first universities founded in the Americas.

Situated on Tokyo Bay, the city of Tokyo is one of the most heavily-populated metro areas in the world. It was selected to host the 1964 Summer Olympics as well as the 2020 Summer games.

Established in 1886 after gold was discovered in the region, Johannesburg is home to 4.5 million residents. It is one of the largest cities in the world that is not located on a river or ocean.

The capital of China and one of the most populous city in the world, Beijing is home to more than 20 million people. It was selected to host the 2008 Summer Olympics, as well as the 2022 Winter games.

With 1.3 million residents, Sofia is the capital and largest city in Bulgaria. Situated at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain, it is known for its rich mix of Neo-Baroque and Neo-Renaissance architecture.

Berlin is Germany's capital and largest city, with a population approaching four million people. The city was divided by an infamous wall after WWII, then reunified when the wall was torn down in 1989.

The capital and largest city in Hungary, Budapest is home to almost two million people. It's impressive Neo-Gothic Parliament building is the largest building in the country.

The largest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is home to nearly nine million people. It was known as Saigon until 1976, and is recognized today for its French Colonial architecture.

Florence is the largest city in Italy's Tuscan region and is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci studied and trained here in is youth.

Located on the River Manzanares, Madrid serves as the capital of Spain. It's famous for sites like the Royal Palace, St. Michael's Basilica and the Gate of Toledo.

Poland's capital and largest city, Warsaw is home to nearly two million people. Though almost 90 percent of the town was destroyed by WWII bombing, many historical structures have since been rebuilt and restored.

India's capital city of New Delhi is home to 25 million people. Established in 1911, the city of New Delhi is just a small part of the much larger Delhi district.

With nearly nine million residents, Mexico City is the largest Spanish-speaking metro area in the world. It was founded in 1325 as the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan.

Situated on the Irish Sea, Dublin is the capital and largest city in Ireland. The River Liffey runs through this city of more than a million residents.

Situated along the Nile Delta, Cairo is home to around ten million people. It is most famous as the home of the Pyramids of Giza, which draw millions of tourists a year.

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