Can You Identify The Country If We Show You Its Outline and Its Flag?

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There are hundreds of countries in the world, and each is defined by geographical landmarks such as rivers, lakes, oceans and mountain ranges. The geography of a country is also a big influence on the culture of a country's people. From sheepherders in rolling hills and fishing villages on Caribbean and Pacific islands to bustling economies along river banks and industrious countries built on manufacturing and technology. The geography of a nation, as well as its cultural history, are represented best on a country's flag. 

We will give you a flag and country outline and all you have to do is identify the country. Sounds easy, doesn't it? 

While some flags such as Japan and the United States may be commonplace in your memory, how about similar flags like Italy and Ireland, or lesser-known flags such as Bangladesh and Botswana? Do you think you can identify the island nations of Jamaica, Puerto Rico or Trinidad and Tobago? These 40 countries represent only a portion of the world's cultures but show the amazing diversity of our world. 

So, are you a geographer at heart or curious to learn more about our amazing world? Take this quiz to see how well you know your countries and the fun facts that go with them!

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