How well do you know the Duke's movies?

By: Scott Nordlund

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The swagger, the tilt of the chin, the steely look ... John Wayne was an iconic hero of the Wild West.; and we just couldn't get enough of him. Wayne's talent was such that he played the lead in 142 of the films he starred in. You probably know some of his most famous movies. Does The Alamo, True Grit, or El Dorado ring a bell? If so, you'll be an expert quiz taker. 

John Wayne was part of the movie-making era called the Traditional Westerns. These films have the hero fighting on the side of societal good, for justice and to restore order. Kind, patient, yet ready to fight for what is right, John Wayne was a man's man. And a ladies-man too. That's just one of the reasons he was listed in 1999 by the American Film Industry as one of the greatest male stars of all times. 

But do you want to learn more about the man himself? Was that his real hair? Did he really shoot his friend? And do you recall his hilarious quote about his failed second marriage? 

Why wait when the best of the West is waiting to be won by YOU. Take the quiz now and you can ride off into the sunset with a smile.

What was John Wayne’s real name?

Which actor owes his chance at stardom to John Wayne turning down the lead role in a major TV series?

John Wayne won how many Academy Awards?

Wayne's hair started to thin quite early in his life during the 1940s, and he began wearing a hairpiece to disguise that fact. During a guest appearance at Harvard University he was once asked by a student there if his hair was real. Without missing a beat, Wayne replied that it was. Then he added what?

The filming location of the Conquer and what led to Wayne's cancer?

How did John Wayne end up with the nickname 'Duke'

Where was the Duke born?

What university did the Duke attend?

In 'Wings of Eagles,' how many cakes were made for the cake crashing scenes?

Which singer/actress presented John Wayne with his only Academy Award?

When first starting out in bit parts in his movie career, Wayne was helped along the way in what turned out to be a lifelong friendship with director John Ford. During this time of his life, Wayne also became friendly with which famous gunfighter and lawman?

"There's right and there's wrong. You got a do one or the other. You do the one and you're living. You do the other and you may be walking around, but you're dead as a beaver hat." What John Wayne movie are these famous lines from?

What movie had four of Wayne's children in it?

Other than being a commercial flop, why was "The Conqueror" (1956) one of John Wayne's most controversial films?

What TV series did John Wayne appear in?

Who played Wayne's mother in "The Conqueror"?

The first big budget film in which Wayne appeared was shown in wide screen for the first time, a format unknown to film audiences at the time. The film though was a flop. Why was this so?

How many movies (including tv movies) did actor Patrick Wayne appear in with his father?

What was the name of the production company founded by John Wayne in the early 1950s?

What actor never signed a contract to work on a film with the Duke?

Still struggling to make his way to the top, in what unlikely role was Wayne cast in a western - the first person actually to do so?

When asked, "How would you liked to be remembered", what was John Wayne's answer?

Of all of his movies, which one was his dream movie?

Just as an indication of the man's unwillingness to compromise his standards, he gave up a role in a 1950 western to actor Gregory Peck because the producer of that film had treated Wayne badly years before when he was a struggling actor. Which film was it?

In a 1954 interview with actress and gossip columnist Hedda Hopper regarding his failed second marriage, Wayne said, "We had a pretty good time together...". What is the remainder of that quote?

Ward Bond was one of John Wayne's frequent co-stars. What did he leave to John Wayne in his will when he died?

What famous series of movies did John Wayne turn down the lead role in?

What was the name of his favorite horse?

What film did he have the most fun making?

What world leader wanted Wayne dead?

What war did Wayne receive a A-3 deferment for?

What hobby was taken up by Wayne until his death?

What term did he coin about cancer?

How many movies did Wayne not have the leading role in?

In what state did Wayne start the construction of a town, that ended up being named Moran?

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