What Kind of Wife Are You?

By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

No two couples are the same. When a couple gets together, they bring their unique strengths and weaknesses. They come together because of common interests and causes, but they develop as people because they either encourage the best in each other, or enable the worst in each other. When a couple gets married, all their traits mix, making them no longer just two people in a relationship, but a married pair who change with time.

When both members of a married couple work in the same field, they can network for each other, doubling the size of their professional network. When only one works, the other can spend their time both seeing to their day to day needs and schmoozing contacts even harder. Some couples work in very different fields, bringing together very diverse circles of friends, giving the couple's social life a kind of mystique that others envy.

So what sort of wife are you? Do you bring out the best in your partner or are you together mainly because you share bad habits? Do you enrich each others' spiritual lives or do you practice very different approaches to religion? Are you good at raising your partner's spirits or do you lean on them heavily? What kind of a wife are you? If you want to know, take this quiz!

How much do you work, professionally?

How easily can you cut loose and kick back?

How in tune with your partner's emotions are you?

Are you much of a social butterfly?

How much do you know about your partner's professional world?

How close are your religious practices to those of your partner?

What defines a good day to you?

What is the first thing you do at the end of the working day?

What do you do first thing in the morning?

How would you spend your Friday night?

What do you do when things are going wrong for your partner at work?

What do you do when your partner needs to relax?

What moral red line do you explicitly draw for your partner?

How do you help your partner cope with loss?

Do you understand what your partner does professionally?

How did you meet your partner?

How do you react to unethical behavior from your partner?

How do you react when your partner is the subject of bullying?

What thing of greatest value do you provide for your partner?

How large is your social circle?

When are you in your element?

In what profession would your relationship skills be useful?

What is your worst personal quality?

What about your spouse are you most proud of?

How positive are you?

Are you friendly?

How long was your engagement?

How large was your wedding party?

How do you get along with your in-laws?

What is your optimistic plan for the future?

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