Build a Sonic Order and We'll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are

By Teresa M. on May 16, 2018

About This Quiz

With their headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Sonic first opened their all-American drive through in 1953! Since then, they have become one of the largest food chains, and only drive-in chains, to hit the market. During this quiz, we'll ask you to drive right up and spend an unlimited amount of money building the order of your dreams! Once you've filled up a few trays of your favorites, we'll be able to tell you which Disney Princess you are most like!

You might see yourself ordering more like Moana, but are your eating habits really more like Elsa's? The way you put together the ultimate Sonic order will give away a lot about you including the traits you share with Disney Princesses throughout the ages! One doesn't often think of a Disney Princess chowing down on a burger and some fries, but you must remember that princesses are people, too! Even the most beautiful of them can scarf down fast food just as well as you!

Throughout our Sonic quiz, we'll ask you about nearly every item on the menu. The things you pick and choose will tell us which member of Disney's royal family you are at heart! Would you like fries or a salad with that? 

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