Can We Guess if You're an Army Veteran?

By Brian Whitney on May 16, 2018

About This Quiz

There are numerous branches of the United States military. There is the Navy for those who like to travel and enjoy the sea, the Air Force for those who are into technology and like to fly, or at least like the thought of flying. And of course who could forget the Marines, who are undoubtedly the ultimate tough guys in the sandbox. But you look like an Army type of person to us. 

When it comes to the Army, you actually can be all that you can be. The Army is truly the ultimate fighting force of all of our military branches, and possibly in the entire world. It is the largest branch of the military and also has two reserve components, the Army Reserves, and the Army National Guard.

Were you in the Army? We all knew that you could have been a great soldier if you chose to be, but did you serve? We have devised a list of questions that all but ensure we can tell if you were a proud and loyal veteran of the Army, or if you're one of them peace-loving hippie types.  Take this quiz, and we can tell if you're an Army veteran, but first drop to the floor and give us ten.

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