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By Kelly on March 19, 2018

About This Quiz

Have mercy! Do you remember the name of Uncle Jesse's band? Or, the real name of oldest daughter D.J. Tanner? What about the name of the uber-annoying girl next door -- and what exactly did neat-freak Danny Tanner do for a living anyway? If you can remember the answer to all of these questions, you just might have the "Full House" mastery to ace this quiz!

The "Full House" fans know, and love is quite a departure from what its creators had in mind. It was originally envisioned as a show about three stand-up comedians living in the same home and sharing wacky adventures -- quite a far cry from the lighthearted family comedy it eventually became.

While no one can predict whether the show would have been a hit if the creator's original plans had worked out, there's no question that the story of a widowed dad raising his three daughters with the help of his best buddies was a huge hit with significant staying power. Not only did the series endure for eight seasons, but the show's 193 episodes have lived on in syndication ever since.

"Full House" has so many fans that three decades after the first episode aired, the show got a reboot on Netflix. Known as "Fuller House," this revival of the series features oldest daughter D.J. struggling to raise her three sons in her childhood home after the death of her husband. Of course, her family and friends are always willing to lend a hand.

Think you know everything there is to know about this beloved series? Take our "Full House" quiz to find out!

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