What Animal Will You Be in Your Next Life?

By Zoe Samuel on May 16, 2018

About This Quiz

If you have a human soul, that means you love animals; and similarly, if you have a functioning soul, you have a distinct chance of that soul showing up on this blue planet of ours more than once.  In many religious traditions, souls take many lifetimes to achieve enlightenment, and the path doesn't lead directly from bug to reptile to mammal to higher mammal to human to nirvana. On the contrary, there are plenty of twists and turns through greater and lesser life forms. Where you land next time around is a product of several factors: your personality and experiences in this life, preferences, how you treat others, and whether you came closer to enlightenment or moved further away.

Fortunately, the wheel of life is very good at helping our wandering souls to find their way to a form that best sets us up to learn whatever it is that was missing from a previous life. If you consistently gave of yourself to others, you might come back as a more selfish creature like a cat. If you were entirely too chilled out, instead of indulging a lazy life as a sloth, you'd probably spend a spell as a busy worker bee. If you were very intellectual, you might learn the joys of being a little less bright in the body of a sheep. Tell us about your life and personality, and we'll see which mortal form best suits you for the next leg of your journey on the path to enlightenment!

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