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Cars, Trucks & Engines

Can You Match These Drag Racers with Their Cars?
Vroom! Nothing is quite as quick as a dragster over a quarter mile. But can you match the men and women who drive them to their vehicles?
Most People Can't Name These Ford Models From an Image. Can You?
If you know people by their vehicles better than their names, you're a motorhead. But if you can recognize the images of these Ford models, you're a Ford Guy and possibly smarter than the 91% of people who can't name them correctly. Speed through this quiz right now and find out. On your mark, get set, go!
93% of People Can't Name All of These Cars from the '80s. Can You?
Remember which ride you cruised in to see "Back to the Future," or "Ghostbusters" at the local theater? Take our quiz to see if you can recognize these iconic '80s cars!
Only 1 in 29 People Can Identify These Famous Race cars from an Image. Can You?
These days, we think of race cars as super-slick machines whizzing around tracks at impossible speeds. They haven't always been that way! How many of these past and present speedsters can you remember?
Only 1 in 42 People Can Identify All of These MGs from an Image. Can You?
The MG is a true aficionado's car. They're not big and brawny. You won't haul big loads in them or see them with lots of flashy accessories. However, they are beloved all the same. How well do you know MG?
93% of People Can't Name All of These Iconic Cars of the '50s. Can You?
American classics, European sports cars, trucks, and off-roaders. They are all in here to test your knowledge about 1950s cars. Will you be able to identify them all? Let's see!
Can You Identify These Foreign Trucks?
Just an image is all you get in this truck quiz! Try to identify a range of foreign trucks, both young and old. Are you up to the challenge?
97% of People Can't Identify These Tanks! Can you?
These questions about these big metal beasts of destruction are barreling toward you, can you give the right answers to defeat them? Get ready to test your knowledge of tank history with this quiz!
Only 1 in 48 People Can Identify the Car Brand from a Photo of Car Part. Can You?
Now you might know your cars but can you identify the maker by just looking at a part or section of the vehicle? It's going to take all of your auto knowledge to pull this one off!
Japan, Korea, or China: Can You Identify Which Country These Cars Were Produced In?
With just a single image, would you be able to tell if a car was made in China, Japan or Korea? It's not as easy as you may think. Why not give it a try now?
Cadillac or Lincoln: Only 1 in 19 People Can Identify The Makes of These Vehicles. Can You?
Big, shiny cars are ever-present in American culture, no matter which decade. Can you spot which of these are the Cadillacs and which are the Lincoln cars? Test your skill with this quiz!
Sorry Millennials, Only Baby Boomers Can Pass This Car Identification Quiz
These were the cars on the road when Baby Boomers were coming of age, settling down in jobs, and starting families. This quiz will take you back. Millennial's need not try; it's a Boomer kinda thing.
What Kind of Engine Does This Part Belong To?
Whether you’re flying high, cruising the lake, commuting to work, or just mowing the lawn, you’re probably using an internal combustion engine of some kind. (We know there are electric- and human-powered land and sea vehicles, too, but that’s a topic all its own.) Can you guess whether the following engine parts belong to a car, a truck, an airplane, a boat, a lawnmower, or something wholly different?
Can You Identify These Old and Rare Autos from an Image?
Cars from a bygone era have a charm all of their own. Try to identify them in this quiz and see if your auto knowledge is top notch!
Can You Tell What Movie This Car Chase Is From?
Car chase scenes! Who doesn't love them? But can you identify a car chase scene and the movie it appears in from a single image?
94% of People Can't Name These Mazda Models from an Image. Can You?
Are you a Mazda fan? Well, here are forty of their most popular models. See how well you really know this popular car manufacturer by taking this quiz.
Only a True Race Fan Can Name All of These Different Types of Race Vehicles.
Some don’t run on racing fuel, some aren’t even cars, and some don’t even have wheels! They’re still racing vehicles, one and all, and each has its own unique brand of exhilarating competition. See how many you can identify!
Kawasaki or Yamaha: Can You Identify These Bikes?
These Japanese manufacturers have a long and storied rivalry, especially in their motorcycle divisions. Can you tell one from the other?
93% of People Can't Identify These Subarus from a Photo. Can You?
Japanese car maker Subaru is known for its performance sedans. The company does, however, have a large range of cars and a rich history as well. Can you identify them?​
Only True NASCAR Experts Can Match These Cars with Their Famous Drivers. Can You?
One of America's favorite motorsports, NASCAR is watched by millions of fanatics around the country. It has a long, rich history, but will you be able to match up a driver with their ride?