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General Trivia

Find Out Which Fast Food Item You Are and What It Says about You!
Fast food's not good for you, but we eat it anyway. What kind of fast food are you, and what does it say about your personality? Take this cool quiz to find out!
We Know Your Age Based on How Adventurous of an Eater You Are
Don't try feeding those Brussels sprouts to the dog on our watch! We're pretty sure we can tell your age based on the things you will and will not eat. Put us to the test!
Do You Have It in You to Be a Marine?
Do you have what it takes to carpe diem your way through every day? Let's find out if you have the tough stuff it takes to be one of the military's toughest Marines!
What Resume Style Should You Use?
Finding a job is tough enough without having to obsess over the resume style you should use! That's why we're here. Tell us about your career goals, and we'll tell you which one will get you the job!
Design Your Perfect Home and We'll Guess Your Dream Job!
Everyone has a dream job, but the question is, are you currently working towards it? Well if you design your perfect home in this quiz, we'll try to guess what it is.
Do You Have It in You to Be a Navy SEAL?
If you think the Navy is a piece of cake, then you're in for a rude surprise if you enlist as a Navy SEAL, because you'll be in for some of the most demanding training in any military in the world.
What Kind of Pro Athlete Could You Be?
If you want to be a professional athlete, there are all sorts of skills you are going to need. Obviously, you have what it takes, so all we need to do is figure out what sport you want to make millions at.
Decorate Your Dorm Room and We'll Reveal Which College You Were Destined to Attend
Whether you have to share with a roommate or you have a space all to yourself, your dorm room tells us a lot about what's important to you - and thus where you should study!
What Rebellious Piercing Should You Get?
Have you ever felt like going against the norm or your parents' wishes? Well, if you answer these questions, we'll tell you which rebellious piercing you should get!
Which Disney Princess Is Your Beauty Soulmate?
People take inspiration from many different places and the Disney princesses are just some of them. Which one of them is your beauty soulmate? Take this quiz to find out!
Only Someone with Grammar OCD Can Ace This Linguistics Spelling Quiz!
Spelling: It doesn't relate to IQ, but we care about it anyway! If you're wondering if your spelling skills are up to par, we've created a quiz to help! To mix things up, some questions will have versions of the same word, only one of which is the correct spelling. Others will have unrelated words, only one of which is misspelled (or spelled correctly, in other cases). Got it? Let's go!
Can You Ace This Ultimate Food Logo Quiz?
From fast food to the shelves of the grocery store, think you have a taste for these food logos? Try your luck now and take a bite out of this ultimate food logo quiz!
Only People Who Wear Makeup Every Day Can Get Over 75 percent on This Quiz
Foundation, concealers, and powders, oh my! In the world of makeup, there are thousands of products to choose from! Only consistent makeup wearers can ace this quiz. Can you?
Do You Know These Common Baby Boomer Phrases?
The "Baby Boomer" generation had a lingo all its own, which peaked in the 1960s when it was the code of a counterculture. Are you hip? Test your knowledge of Boomer expressions with our quiz!
If You Can Score 31/35 on This Quiz, You Were Really Paying Attention in High School
High school never ends! It might seem like you graduated eons ago, but all the basics should be in your head. High school might be history, but how much did you pay attention? From math to social studies, how much do you remember?
87% of People Can't Identify All of These Breakfast Foods. Can You?
Breakfast is pretty important, not just in the U.S. but around the world. It's why we have so many breakfast foods from which to choose. Do you know them enough to name them from a picture?
Can You Identify These '80s Tech Fads!
The decade of the 1980s is one tech junkies will always remember fondly. The best part was waiting to see what new and exciting tech would pop up next! If you think you know 1980's tech like none other, can you identify these tech fads from the decade from just one image? Take our quiz and see!
97% Of People Can't Match The Job To The Uniform! Can You?
Uniforms tend to make workers look more professional, streamlined and yes, sexy too! If you simply love the look of people in uniform, how may jobs do you think you can identify by the uniform they wear? Take a crack at our quiz and find out!
Can You Name the Style of These Mustaches?
No-shave November, also known as Movember was started as a way to bring awareness to cancer. Ideally, the hair can be donated to a worthy cause. For many, this is an opportunity to try a new mustache style or step back into the past. How many of these Movember styles can you name?
Do You Actually Know How to Say These Commonly Mispronounced Words?
While you may think you're a true Henry Higgins in your grasp of the English language, there are a few words that plenty of people mispronounce. Do you know how to say them?