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Sports Trivia

Only a Firearms Expert Can Identify What All of These Bullets Are Used For. Can You?
Bullets are used for a variety of reasons, from sport and hunting to self-protection and war, but like any project, you need to have the right tool for the job. From the casing, tip and caliber, these bullets all have a specific purpose. Test your knowledge of ballistics by telling us what these bullets can do!
Can You Tackle This Fun NFL Geography Quiz?
You know the teams, but do you really know where they play? It may not be as obvious as you think! If you think you know your stuff at the crossroads of the NFL and US geography, take the quiz to see your score!
How Well Do You Know These Historic Wrestling Stars?
It's intense, entertaining and hard-core. It's also made stars out of its world-famous wrestlers! Think you're an expert on wrestlers? Take the quiz to see your score!
92% of People Can't Identify Which Country These Pro Athletes Are From. Can You?
It's easy to assume that most of the world's athletes come from the US, but they're everywhere. Can you tell us which countries some of the most talented athletes around the world hail from?
Which Spanish Soccer Team Could You Play For?
Are you ready for a Spanish game of footie? Step out on the pitch, and give us your best! Then, we'll tell you which Spanish soccer team you could start playing for next year!
Which Footballer Should You Marry?
Footballers are among the most glamorous, wealthy, cool celebrities in the world. Clearly, any of them would be a world class catch, but not just any footballer will do. Which one should you marry?
Which Latin American Soccer Team Could You Play For?
Soccer is beloved all over the world, but nowhere is it more popular than in Latin America. If you were to show off your mad skills, which team would it be for?
What Should Your Sports Nickname Be?
Nothing frames up an athlete like a sports nickname. Such terms work not only as shorthand but also as a way of noting a player's progress from rookie to veteran. What should your nickname be?
Can You Name These Wrestlemania Champions from a Photo?
Wrestlemania pits the sport's biggest stars against one another in a battle for glory, but can you tell one wrestling superstar from another? Take our quiz to find out!
Can You Name These 1980s Wrestling Stars from a One Sentence Description?
Are you a "Macho Man" or maybe you're "Superfly?" The 1980s to early '90s was often called the Golden Age of Wrestling. From household names like Hulk Hogan to Andre the Giant, can you name these 1980s wrestlers?
Can You Match This MLB Star to His Team?
Batter up! It's time to see how well you know where these MLB stars played during their entire careers! Don't strike out! We want to see you hit this quiz out of the park!
Can You Match The MLB Team to the Stadium?
The MLB is the oldest of the four major professional sports leagues in the US and Canada, and is made up of a total of 30 teams – 15 in the American League and 15 in the National League. If you’re an MLB superstar, then let’s see if you can correctly match every team to their home stadium!
How Well Do You Know These WWE Champions?
Can you smell what this quiz is cooking? Like "The Rock," there have been many champions to come out of the WWE. From D-Generation X to Team XTreme, how well do you know these WWE champions?
Can You Identify All of This Winter Sports Gear From a Photo?
This will make you an expert on everything you need to hit the slopes or partake in any winter sport, no matter how obscure. But can you identify all of the gear in this quiz?
98% of People Can't Name All of These Pro Poker Players from an Image. Can You?
As far as card games go, poker is definitely the most popular. Do you know enough about professional poker to name the best of the best? Let's find out!
Can You Guess the Sports Team From a Photo?
How well do you know your sports teams? Will you be able to identify all of these from around the world? The only way to find out is to take this quiz!
Name These Baseball Legends from an Image in 7 Minutes
Quick as a flash in this quiz you will have to name a baseball legend by looking at a single image of them. Are you prepared for the challenge? Play ball!
Can You Name These Famous Athletes Who Are Also Actors?
Over the years, a number of athletes have tried their hand at acting, often with mixed success. Some have become Hollywood superstars while others get the occasional cameo. Could you identify them from an image, however?
Can You Identify These Famous Football Plays from an Image?
Down! Set! Hike! Think you can figure out these classic football plays from just an image of the playbook setup? Whether it's "The Catch" or just an end run, this quiz will test your football savvy!
Can You Match the Wrestler to Their Storyline?
Storylines are the lifeblood of pro wrestling: feuds, betrayals, alliances and sometimes romances! How well do you remember famous storylines and the performers involved in them? Find out now! (Note: Some notable wrestlers will appear more than once).